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Farabella , excellence in the production of
gluten-free products

Azienda Farabella

“The plant Bioalimenta in Fara San Martino”.

Innovation and technology respecting tradition

Bioalimenta was founded in 2000 to respond to the needs of consumers aff ected by Celiac disease, to use dietary foods that looked and tasted the same as other common foods.
To achieve this

we built a special factory, divided into dedicated production areas for gnocchi, pasta, bread and flours.

In these areas, designed to guarantee our master pasta-makers constant control over their activities, we have installed state of the art equipment that is able to produce respecting traditional production methods.

n these few years, the idea of “making quality” has driven us each day to perform better than the day before, in compliance with the virtuous processes certifi ed by ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 and ISO 22000 standards that have all been rigorously applied in our company.

Freeform food award

The “Free From Food Awards” awarded Farabella pasta in April 2012

This contest is held annually in England by an independent association: it is not paid for and it cannot be applied for. They independently sample products on the market and, for this reason the prize has a highly symbolic value.

Modern equipment

weighs the various components of our flours, mixes and packages them. Finally, an area dedicated to bread and bakery products, equipped with the best in technology that is available today.

La produzione Farabella

lavorazione pasta Farabella


continuous research in collaboration with international research institutes including the School of Food and Nutritional Sciences of the University College Cork - Ireland and Hamburg University of Applied Sciences - Germany, with whom we work on a European research project for the continual i5mprovement of gluten-free foods.

lavorazione pasta Farabella
lavorazione pasta Farabella

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