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Bioalimenta production

La produzione Bioalimenta

To assure this, we have rejected an easier, faster and more profitable industrial logic that uses technology and ingredients that alter the natural quality of foodstuffs.

For this reason, and to maintain the nutritional properties of our ingredients, our production takes place through traditional processes allowing us to continue the pasta-making traditions of yesterday.

Protecting the nutritional value of foods.

Potato gnocchi, long and short pasta, nests, special and regional shapes, bread, flours are just a part of a vast assortment of gluten-free foods, soon to be completed with other creations, all produced at our factory in Fara San Martino.

Our processes are designed to maximise the preservation of the natural characteristics of the raw materials being transformed. The latter, obtained from the milling of carefully selected NO GMO naturally gluten-free cereals, are skillfully dosed to assure the correct caloric value needed for a healthy diet and for the enjoyment of good food.

La produzione Bioalimenta

Our essential ingredients:

LOVE passion and constancy of our pasta makers.
CAREFUL continuous research into naturally gluten-free ingredients, all carefully selected and strictly
Pure spring WATER from the Verde river.
Unspoilt AIR from the Maiella National Park.
PRODUCTION FACILITIES on human-scale that use advanced technologies to carry out traditional processes.
Technological RESEARCH to produce perfect extruders.
SKILL and experience of the pasta makers.

Gli ingredienti fondamentali bioalimenta

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