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Tomato sauce with olives


Farabella sauces, made from ancient recipes from Abruzzo, are worked with traditional methods to preserve the fragrance of the raw materials. In order not to alter its flavor, our sauces contain no preservatives or thickener and, therefore, do not contain gluten.

Package: 280g

Nutrition facts per 100 g of product (average values)

Calories: 74 Kcal
Fats: 6,4 gr
of which saturates: 1,2 gr
Carbohydrates: 3,3 gr
of which sugars: 1,9 gr
Fibers: 74 gr
Proteins: 1,4 gr
Salt: 0,5 gr

Ingredients: tomatoes, black olives (5.3%), onion, carrot, oregano, extra virgin olive oil, capers, salt, hot pepper.

Serving suggestions: this jar is enough to dress approximately 350 g or Farabella pasta or 500 g Farabella Potato Gnocchi.

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