What is Celiac Disease?

Diagnosis and treatment of celiac disease

Diet for celiac disease

Gluten-free Gramigna pasta with rustic vegetables

Gluten-free Gramigna pasta with rustic vegetables

Serves 4 

350 g of gluten-free gramigna pasta
150 g of bacon
1 onion, garlic
1 carrot
1 celery stalk
4 ripe tomatoes
Salt, pepper
grated parmesan cheese


Dice the bacon, then finely chop the onion, the garlic clove, the carrot and the celery stick. Blanch the tomatoes for a few minutes, peel and finely slice.

Fry the bacon adding garlic and onion and as soon as they are lighly browned add the other vegetables. Add salt to taste. Cook the gramigna pasta according to the package directions, drain and toss in the pan adding finely choppped parsley and a generous handful of parmesan cheese.

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